Anti-Spam Policy

We at 1ShoppingCart, strictly forbid the use of our service in unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM campaigns. We maintain a Zero-Tolerance policy against SPAM, be it direct, third party or any affiliate or similar agent acting on the account holder's behalf.

As such, 1ShoppingCart reserves the right to terminate any violating client's account or any part thereof, without notice or compensation.


A. All lists used in conjunction with the services provided by 1ShoppingCart, are required to be 100% confirmed opt-in lists. We expect that any clients existing in the account holder's database have proof of opt-in.

B. All forms of contact collection in 1ShoppingCart collect the IP address of the person(s) subscribing. All lists that are introduced from outside sources are required to have confirmed opt-in information including the IP address of said contact. For reference, an confirmed opt-in contact has expressly requested information from your company.

C. 1ShoppingCart provides that the following actions can result in penalties at the sole discretion of 1ShoppingCart. All of the following actions are considered a breach of our Terms of Service and the accompanying Anti-Spam Policy:

  • Using your 1ShoppingCart account to send Unsolicited Commercial Email. This is defined as sending electronic communications to any contact without their express consent or a provable established business relationship through our system.

  • Disguising or otherwise obfuscating the nature of a closed loop confirmation or double optin confirmation message in any way. All closed loop confirmation messages must clearly state who you are, and the nature of the confirmation being issued to the recipient. This message should also inform the subscriber that by confirming, they will receive further solicitations from your company until they remove themselves, or request removal from said list.

  • Bypassing our closed loop or double optin process in any way. You may not enter contacts into our system through web forms, or the add contacts function other than your own personal contacts for testing purposes. This includes any manner of scripting or batching contacts into our system through web forms or the add contact function.

  • Using any 1ShoppingCart or URL in any UCE. Any complaints of UCE containing a link from your account, or any other link reflecting our service, will be considered the same as UCE being issued directly from the 1ShoppingCart system.

  • Sending UCE through 1ShoppingCart, or any third party, that directs the recipient to any website that links to 1ShoppingCart or, utilizes any of our services, or contains any URL relating back to the domains used by 1ShoppingCart.

  • Spamming, or otherwise flooding newsgroups and forums with off-topic posts. Using any of our links or URLs, or posting links to any site that utilizes or references 1ShoppingCart or in any capacity will be considered a violation.

Violations of Policies:

1ShoppingCart will charge a $25 US administration fee for every UCE complaint we receive involving your account. The administration fee goes toward disputing the complaint with the complainant, the reporting service or black list service, and resolving the complaint with our host. This applies to spam complaints we receive, including but not limited to, those generated by your affiliates or use of your ad tracking links.

Any merchant found to be involved in a SPAM/UCE campaign, involving the services provided by 1ShoppingCart in any capacity, including flooding newsgroups, distributing messages to recipients that do not want the information, or any other abuse of our system contravening UCE legislation will be met as follows:

  1. The account will be closed immediately, without burden of notice or compensation.
  2. A US $500.00 administration fee will be incurred against the offending client.
  3. Our Privacy Policy becomes forfeit, and all pertinent information will be provided to any investigating authorities or anti-Spam organizations.
  4. All information contained within your account will be forfeit, with no consideration of retrieval.

Further, you will be held accountable for any monetary damages suffered by 1ShoppingCart, sustained through contravention of our Terms of Service and Spam policy contained within. This will include, but not limit to: loss of Web/Domain host, any costs incurred securing further Web/Domain hosting, and punitive damages related to lost clients, and subsequent revenues due to said violation.

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