Doing Webinars From Inside Facebook?

If do webinars to sell your products, you already know how profitable they are.

In fact, no other online promotion method makes more money then online webinars. And over the last 2 years, we’ve seen Facebook is the undisputed king of social media.

Well the next step in the evolution of marketing online would be to merge these two powerhouse promotion methods together. But up until now, it just wasn’t possible to do a webinar within Facebook. Yes that’s right, Facebook Webinars.

The technically challenges were to say the least “daunting.”

Things have changed….. Now there’s FB Webinars, and frankly, it’s a game changer!

Want to do your webinars from your fan page? Check this out!

So what exactly is the FB Webinars system and what will it do for you? The Facebook Webinar system is the Internets first viral Integrated Automated Facebook selling platform. It offers the ability to do:

  • Automated Recurring Presentation Webinars
  • Videos, and (VSL’s) Video Sales Letters with all the viral aspects inherent in Facebook
  • List building features
  • PLUS the advantage of a squeeze page built in to one integrated application!

Each FBWebinars account allows you to run 5 simultaneous viral campaigns each with it’s own presentation and integrates directly with

Each FBWebinars Account Includes:

  • One Click “Allow Opt-Ins” with Opt-In rates as high as 60%!
  • Five Simultaneous campaigns
  • Seamless Integration with
  • Unlimited Monthly Visitors on all campaigns
  • Unlimited Simultaneous visitors on all campaigns
  • Free Video Hosting & Player
  • Fan Page plugin – reveal tab to lead fans to your presentation

Test Drive the interactive demo and get a free copy of a Viral marketing software ($197.00 value( for your website just for taking a look!

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