Our Email Delivery is Trusted and Reliable

These days too many email service providers “claim” high delivery rates, but it’s all just “smoke and mirrors” because they just aren’t being honest about being CAN-SPAM compliment.

But we hold ourselves to a higher standard because 1AutomationWiz strictly forbids the use of our service in unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM campaigns.

We maintain a “Zero-Tolerance” policy in regards to SPAM. And that means better email delivery rates across the board, for you and a better reputation for your brand.

We even go  so far as to segment our email servers to separate single and double opt-in lists to ensure higher delivery rates and higher-converting email marketing campaigns.

As a result, 1AutomationWiz boasts one of the highest delivery rates in the industry. And unlike some other autoresponder providers, we test our delivery rate daily through the networks below:

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