Digital Delivery Software

digital delivery software

1AutomationWiz’s Digital Delivery Software feature is the ultimate delivery solution for any digital file, ezine, newsletter, book, catalog, audio presentation, or video presentation that you sell online.’s Digital Delivery Software Wizard:

  • Makes selling and delivering digital information products (including video) quick and easy
  • Allows your prospects and customers to download any info product with zero cost to you
  • Allows prospects and customers to download top-quality digital presentations
  • Customers get instant access to their purchases and an automatic confirmation email

Video – See how easy it is to use our Digital Delivery System

Is digital delivery easy to set up?

Yes, our Digital Delivery Software option (in the PRO pack shopping cart only) easily integrates with ANY eBook software or PDF compiler so your prospects and customers can download your info or software products quickly and easily. Click here to see for yourself!

3 easy steps are all it takes to set up and you’re done!

  1. Name your digital product & add it to your 1AutomatonWiz shopping cart.
  2. Click the “UPLOAD DIGITAL PRODUCT” link.
  3. Let the system upload your digital product to the 1AutomationWiz Digital File Vault servers.

It’s the best-kept secret of successful entrepreneurs selling digital goods online. And now you can use the same digital delivery system to help you sell your digital products without the risk of having your product stolen or resold!

Where do I store the digital products that I sell?

We will store your digital products for you on our secure servers so those files do not take up any space on your web site account.

You can upload digital files up to 100MB per file or more, and your Digital File Vault stores up to 1GB of your files at no extra charge!

Am I charged extra for the bandwidth like Amazon S3?

No, absolutely not. Your digital products are automatically delivered to your buyers via our high bandwidth servers at no extra charge to you – ever, no matter how many downloads your account generates a month. After all, we don’t want to punish you for being successful!

What kind of digital files or products can I sell via 1AutomationWiz?

You can offer ANY type of digital eBook or digital file type: *.ebk, *.pdf, *.doc, *.txt, *.zip, .ra, .mpg, wma, etc. If it’s digital we can deliver it for you!

Can I use the digital delivery software to issue passwords, etc?

Yes, our digital delivery system can even distribute pin numbers/passwords etc. (Great for phone card offers!) and much, much more!!!

Can I sell software though 1AutomationWiz too?

Of course. Like we said – ANY digital file. You can even have the system distributes pin numbers, passwords, activation code, registration numbers, etc. for you automatically when the customer downloads their new software.

Still have questions about how our Digital Delivery Software can save you time and money when doing electronic product fulfillment? Read our digital delivery software FAQ here.

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