Plug & Play Shopping Cart Software Set Up Faster = Sell Faster

Finally, a simple to setup, easy to use e-commerce solution that lets you start selling online in as little as 15 minutes!

The Original “All In One” Shopping Cart

Simple Cart Set-Up

Use with ANY web site, blog or CSM

1AutomationWiz instantly works with any web site, blog or content management system because it's all online so you have nothing to download or install.

Simply add your product info, and options into your account's online back office. We’ll generate the check out link and / or buttons to add to your web site, social media or e-mail - and your done!

1AutomationWiz shopping cart checkout links work anywhere!

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Easy "1-Click Up-Sells"

Make more money per customer

Adding "one click up-sells" to your sales funnel is the easiest way to add to additional revenue for you and increased value for your customers.

When using 1AutomationWiz, your customers submit their credit card info just once because all Upsells & Down-sells are charged after the primary transaction is complete.

This way you never lose the original sale if a customers credit card is declined after their initial purchase.

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Digital Delivery Software

Sell digital products 24/7 - 365 automatically

Our Digital Delivery software completely automates both the selling AND the delivery of ANY type of info-product or digital file you sell.

Set up takes just 30 seconds, and the system then automatically deliver, any sort of digital file including PDF’s, video, audio, or even software up to 100MB!

Plus, your account comes with 1Gb of digital file storage for free!

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Recurring Billing Solutions

The key to building residual income

Recurring billing options are already built-in for credit card or Pay Pal purchases, so billing for memberships, subscriptions or payment plans is easy.

  • Great for charging for memberships & subscriptions
  • Works with your merchant account and Pay Pal too
  • Allows your customers to pay up-front or over time
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Built-In Analytics

Tracking sales, leads, customers and more!

Knowing where your business stands from day-to-day is vital to any e-commerce business.

So we provide a wide variety of different analytic reports like: ROI, Leads, Conversions, Open Rates, and dozens of other reports too.

We even support google Analytic tracking as well..

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mobile checkout

Mobile Friendly Checkout

We make it easy to shop from mobile too.

Over half of all online sales last year were made on mobile, and that trend is just getting bigger! Don’t miss out on sales because your cart isn't ready?

Our mobile friendly shopping cart checkout process ensures an optimized shopping and check-out experience for your buyers regardless of what mobile device they might use.

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PayPal Checkout Integration

We support both PayPal & Merchant accounts

With over 247+ million registered users, PayPal is the payment choice of shoppers all over the world..

So we give you the flexibility of allowing your customers buy from you using a credit card and your merchant account OR via PayPal.

After all, the number one rule in e-commerce is, "Make it easy for your customers to give you money." Now it is!

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pay pal integration
PCI Compliant

PCI Verified Security

Protects you and your customers data! exceeds the very stringent PCI & CISP program requirements set up by Visa/Master card, and we’re PCI approved to provide maximum security for both yours and your customers sensitive financial data.

All your check out pages are "Verified by Visa" giving your customers the confidence they need to make online purchase from your site.

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